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Welcome to Carpe Diem, an archive for my art and other creations. This site is hosted by Bre @ Primordial Souls. Feel free to look around and credit me if you use anything. All work is by Kiera unless otherwise specified; all images are their respective owners.

June 20, 2016 - New Art, New Layout (Coming Soon!)

Attempting to update the website with a new layout soon :) also working on some new pieces for an OitNB art challenge; new art posted above. More to come!

February 7, 2016 - New Art, New Layout (Coming Soon!)

UPDATE: Decided to put up the new layout :P let me know what you think in my cbox; new affiliates welcome with open arms!

Unfortunately, I didn't update as soon as I'd planned... obviously, haha. However, as you can see by the heading a new layout/look is in the works and plenty of new art to talk about. Some things on the site have been revamped more to my liking and hopefully, everything is still in working order even when things are in the editing process. If all goes well, I should be able to concentrate more on the site this coming Monday. What all that means for you guys is all the new stuff I mentioned above. Also, a little more info on the new arts when I finally get the time and/or drive to sit down and write out those shpeels as well.

January 28, 2016 - Holy Photoshopping, Batman!

So this is more or less a test update to see how everything is going to look. I know I've been on hiatus for... well, nope! Can't even say months because it's probably been a year or two ;) ANYWAY... I am FINALLY back in business! Clearly there are still several things I need to fix... such as broken links and the like, but they WILL be fixed - promise! I'll have a more thorough update in a day or two, maybe sooner if I'm feelin' froggy. Til next time...